Should You Install Double Sinks?

Whether you need to renovate your bathroom or are building a new one from scratch, you now wonder which setup offers the most advantages: a single sink or two? At first glance, two sinks may appear to offer the most benefits. It is a good idea to weigh the pros and cons and find out if you should install double sinks.

The benefits

Do you share your washroom with somebody else? In this case, the decision to install double sinks is an excellent one. You will not only have twice the number of sinks, but also additional counter space.

If you have a partner and you both need to get ready at the same time in the morning, you can each use one of your two sinks without getting in each other’s way. If you have kids, a double sink is great for when they need to get ready for school quickly.

You will also reap similar benefits if you share living quarters with a roommate, and there is only one bathroom. Each of you can set up your personal items such as combs, hairbrushes, toothpaste, and toothbrushes at a separate sink. This way, you can effectively keep your own separate spaces and avoid mixing up each other’s stuff.

Independently standing pedestal sinks are another useful option and provide plenty of elbow room for simultaneous use.

If you plan to put your house up for sale, a double sink vanity contributes to the value of your home. It is a feature that you should consider when remodeling.

Additionally, if problems arise and one sink is out of action for a while, you can keep using the other one while the problematic sink receives repairs.

The downsides

As with any other housing, double sinks have their downsides as well as their benefits.

Bathrooms have to be a certain size for a double sink vanity or two pedestal sinks to fit. If your bathroom is too small, there may not be enough room for two sinks.

Even if your bathroom is the right size, there are still a few annoyances that two sinks can cause.

Just as twice the number of sinks means twice the number of available faucets, it also takes twice the amount of cleaning. Scrubbing two sinks is more time consuming and requires an increased amount of cleaning solution to scrub out grime.

Even minor house renovations can cost a lot. Unsurprisingly, it is more expensive for you to install double sinks than one. If your budget has a strict limit, you may prefer to stick to one sink instead.

Are two sinks worth it?

Are double sinks the key to your dream bathroom? When sharing your home with other people, installing two sinks is a wise choice if your budget permits it. If you live alone or you and the rest of the household have different schedules, you may prefer the lower overall cost and maintenance of an individual sink instead.

If you choose to install double sinks, you have countless options to choose from, including varying double bowl sinks as well as highly-customizable pedestal sinks.

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