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Vertical vs. Horizontal Vinyl Siding

Vinyl has become more popular than any other residential siding product, according to the National Association of Home Builders. If this material appeals to you, you’ll need to select a grade, color, and texture. You also need to decide if you want vertical or horizontal panels; both options have several pros and cons.


Fewer contractors are familiar with vertical siding. The installation process also involves furring strips that horizontal units don’t require. These strips enhance the alignment of panels, giving them a uniform appearance. This frequently results in a higher upfront cost. It may take somewhat longer to install vertical panels as well.


Any type of vinyl siding will demand relatively little maintenance. It’s comparatively easy to clean and doesn’t rust or rot. You won’t need to repaint this material, so it requires less upkeep than wood or aluminum. Nonetheless, there are a few differences depending on the panel orientation.

Water leakage occurs slightly more often with horizontal siding. This may happen during windy, rainy weather, or when you clean it. The surface doesn’t shed water as easily as an upright panel. Vertical units provide the best protection for your walls and insulation. They also minimize the risk that mold will grow on the interior or exterior.


Vertical vinyl siding may appeal to homeowners who want to stand out. It remains much less common than the alternative. If you’d rather blend in with adjacent buildings, you might prefer horizontal units. Different types of panels could make your dwelling look longer or taller. Keep in mind that appearance affects resale value.

To sum it up, horizontal siding reduces initial costs and expedites installation while its vertical counterpart simplifies maintenance. Architectural trends, personal preferences, and the designs of nearby buildings also influence homeowners’ decisions. You could choose to install a mixture of the two styles if both of them appeal to you.

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