Remodeling is a Process That is Worth the Wait

Remodeling is a process that many homeowners endure and learn from. So if you have yet to experience a remodel in your home, here are some tips to help you manage expectations, prepare for the event, and end up with results that make the endeavor worth the wait.

The typical process of a remodeling project begins with a dream. YOUR DREAM! Whether you want to remove some walls to make a bigger living space and more open plan, or you want to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom, the remodeling process begins with YOU and your ideas and your vision for your dream home. Many homeowners will use pintrest, magazine clippings, brochures from home improvement stores, or manufacturers’ websites to get ideas and product recommendations for their remodeling project. However you choose to collect your ideas, coming to the first meeting with the builder with visual aids and a rough plan is a fantastic way to start out on solid footing. If you and your builder are on the same page from the beginning, it can help prevent any misunderstandings later.

After you’ve collected your ideas and visuals of what you envision for your home, it’s time to look at the budget. This is where the involvement from the builder can be helpful. Sometimes what we want and what we can afford are worlds apart. So when you bring your ideas to the builder, bring a rough idea of a budget as well and let the experts guide your decisions of how to move forward to maximize your return.

Once a budget is agreed upon, material selections are made and ordered. Vanity,  plumbing items, tile, countertop material, lighting, paint, etc. can take some time to be received depending on the choices.  Once the items are received demolition begins and that area of the home is no longer available for use by the occupants. This is why many homeowners, depending on the scale of the remodel and areas of the home, decide to relocate for the duration of the process.  It’s an exciting time to witness “out with the old,” but it’s also just the beginning.

A completely transformed space, even a small bathroom, can take time to complete, but it’s worth the wait.

As the installation process begins, many homeowners are understandably curious and get a bit eager for the project to be complete, but this is where patience is key. Running into unexpected problems such as out-of-date electrical or plumbing that is a code violation or waiting for inspections, can be frustrating for homeowners during this phase of the remodel. But this is when communication with your builder is key. Managing your expectations, and staying in communication with your builder is the best way to get through what is often the most frustrating part of the remodeling process. Even a remodel in a small space, such as a bathroom, can take weeks due to the type of work being done and the inspections required.

As the process continues and work proceeds, most of the time homeowners are invited for a walk-through to see how the project is coming along, and if the results are matching their original vision. Be prepared to make small adjustments if necessary, but typically this is a rewarding experience for both the homeowner and the builder as they see the new space taking shape and moving towards completion.

The final and most rewarding part of the remodeling process is the big reveal of your new room. The builders, inspectors, and mess are all gone and you finally get to enjoy your beautiful home just the way you envisioned it all those weeks or months ago. A major remodel can seem an arduous process, but it’s one that most homeowners find worth it in the end.

When you’re ready to begin a remodel of your home, kitchen, bath, or an addition, contact the pros at Montgomery Builders and we will help you from start to finish. Our experts can work with you from the planning phase through completion to help you create your dream home.

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