Paved driveway in front of a home.

Heated Driveways, Heated Walkways and Patio Pavers

The most obvious benefit of heated driveways and walkways is to prevent the need for shoveling snow during the harsh winter months.  This is more than a convenience.  For some individuals, this can be the difference between safety and danger.  Individuals who are aging, live in remote areas, or live alone need the ability to keep their driveways and walkways clear for access and egress.

These systems are also called “Snow Melting Systems.”  Heated driveways and walkways work basically the same as radiant floor heating.  When temperatures drop and snow is expected, a heat source is activated beneath the pavers or concrete to keep the temperature of the pavers or concrete warm, preventing snow from accumulating on these surfaces.  It’s important for these driveways to be installed correctly so that drains capture the melting water and channel it away from the dwelling, keeping the area safe and accessible.

There are different types of heat sources that can be used under driveways and walkways.  One is a form of tubing through which hot water and antifreeze are pumped, warming the pavers or concrete above.  Another heat source is a type of wire mesh that is heated via low-voltage electricity.  Some of these systems are automatic, and heat up as temperatures drop, and some are manually activated.

The best and most effective way of installing a heated driveway and walkway is to do it as part of new construction.  This way proper fit, spacing of elements, and drainage is ensured from the beginning of the project.  However, some systems can be retro-fitted into existing driveways.  This can be successful but the expert opinion of a professional is recommended during this process because if the heating elements are not properly spaced or if the slope of the surrounding area is not conducive to drainage, problems could result later on from improper installation.

Whatever style of pavers you choose for your driveway and walkways, there is a radiant heating system that will work for you to help keep your property safe and dry throughout the brutal winter months.  Contact the pros at Montgomery Builders today to learn about options for installing a heated driveway and heated walkways on your property.

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