Exterior Home Maintenance Prevents Expensive Damage

Maintaining the exterior of your home provides more than just fabulous curb appeal. It also protects your home from expensive water damage and other expensive home repairs later on. Maintaining your home’s exterior protects your most valuable investment by helping to prevent other issues like water and wind damage.

Start at the top. Routine inspections of your roof can troubleshoot any potential issues before they become expensive and intrusive problems. Once your roof begins to leak, the solution and mitigation becomes not only a huge expense, but a huge hassle, affecting the comfort and even the usability of your home. Contact a professional for routine roof inspections, especially before the winter months, to help ensure that your roof is sound, free of leaks or potential leaks, and that the runoff from the roof is being channeled away from your home effectively. Professionals can spot tears, cracks and weak areas, and enact repairs BEFORE they become a bigger and more expensive issue. Professionals can also inspect chimneys to ensure they are free of cracks and that the flashing and mortar provide a proper seal, and that the chimney cap is secure, and providing protection from moisture intrusion.

routine roof and chimney inspections help prevent water damage during winter
routine roof and chimney inspections help prevent water damage during winter

Keep drains and gutters free and clear. A solid roof is vital, but if water is pooling along the roofline and in the gutters and drains, this can prevent moisture from being channeled away from your dwelling, leading to leaks into the exterior walls and even into the foundation and basement. Any moisture that remains in contact with any part of your dwelling for a long time will lead to an expensive and often complicated repair later on. It’s best to just maintain gutters and drainage systems on a regular basis to prevent any pooling around or on your dwelling.

Paint and repair siding on the exterior of your home. Protect your home from wind and water damage by applying fresh paint or quality siding. Paint acts as an additional layer of sealant on your home’s exterior and protects it from weathering and water intrusion which leads to rot. Fresh paint also prevents intrusion from pests by covering any potential crack or seam through which they may enter. In addition to giving your home a fresh updated look, paint acts as an additional layer of protection – the first line of defense – in keeping your dwelling dry, intact, and free of unwanted critters.

Update and seal windows and doors. Weatherproofing windows and doors is one of the best financial investments you can make in your home. Weatherproof windows and doors reduce cooling and heating costs, seal out pests and wind, and provide additional beauty to your home’s curb appeal. Professional installation of high-quality windows and doors will ensure your home is secure.

Whether you need roof repair, new siding, updated exterior paint, or new windows and doors, Montgomery Builders has the expertise and experience to get the job done right the first time. Our satisfied clients have experienced quality work done on time and on budget. Give us a call and see what we can do for you!  Contact Montgomery Builders today.

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