The exterior of a home.

Proactive Roof Maintenance this Spring

Spring is on the way soon, and as we begin to thaw, it’s the perfect time to think about the roof that faithfully protected you and your possessions all winter long!  Here are some things Montgomery Builders would do to give your roof a little TLC this spring with some proactive maintenance.

Head up into the attic and look for damp areas and mold.  If your roof did sustain any damage during the winter, the attic is where you will likely find the first signs of damage.  In addition to inspecting the exterior of the roofline for mold growth, looking in the attic for damp areas and mold growth resulting from a leak can allow us to embark on repairs immediately before more damage occurs.

Inspecting the exterior of your home for damage or missing flashing around the edges of the roofline need repair right away. Mold on exterior walls is also an early sign of damage. The pros at Montgomery Builders know what to look for and can help you protect and repair your home before more extensive (and expensive) damage can occur.

The exterior of a home.
Exterior inspection of your home during the spring can help a professional spot early signs of damage.

Consider installing heat cables along the eaves if you noticed ice dams this winter.  Keeping your gutters clear, and the melting snow flowing off the roof and away from your dwelling is crucial.  Ice dams can do tremendous damage to your roof and the exterior of your home.  If you noticed accumulation of too much snow on your roof this winter, let us install heating cables along the eaves to prevent any problems with ice dams in the future.

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