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Deciding Where to Put Windows in Kitchen Walls

If you’re building a new kitchen or adding more glass, you’ll need to decide where to put the windows. Their placement can affect safety, comfort, and various expenses. Be sure to keep all of these considerations in mind:


Try to install a window in a portion of the room that often becomes hot and steamy. For example, you could put it near a sink, stove, and microwave oven. Better airflow helps prevent mold and excessive humidity.

Natural Light

You can save electricity and create a more pleasant atmosphere by installing glass near the countertop. This will give you the ability to prepare meals and put away groceries during the day without using any ceiling lights.

Safety Issues

There’s always a risk that windblown rain will enter an open window. It’s safer if the glass isn’t located directly above an appliance or electrical outlet. The water probably won’t do any harm if it lands on a laminate countertop or sink.

Consider installing a window that provides an emergency escape route. It ought to be positioned away from cooking appliances and any heating equipment. People should be able to reach the ground or rooftop without jumping too far.


If the room is near a street or another building, try to put glass in less visible locations whenever possible. For instance, you could accomplish this by placing it higher up on the wall in an urban ground-level kitchen.


Depending on your local climate, you might want to position glass so it collects the sun’s warmth. If necessary, install a window that provides easy access when you want to set up or remove a portable air conditioner.

Wall Space

Additional glass usually limits the space available for kitchen appliances, sinks, and wall cabinets. However, you could free up more room for windows by positioning equipment, electrical outlets, and plumbing along interior walls.

To sum it up, you can select the best locations if you consider privacy, safety, heating, cooling, and natural light as you decide. Well-placed windows of adequate size will help make kitchen tasks far more enjoyable.

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