Before + After the fire

On an early November morning, disaster struck for a NE Bend family. A faulty furnace started a fire in the garage of the sleeping family. Smoke alarms blared and the family safely fled the burning house. Neighbors quickly called 911 and warned each other of the possible danger. The fire department was quick to respond and began to put out the searing blaze but not before it engulfed the entire garage, one side of the house the two parked cars in the driveway.


Once the smoke had cleared and the fire department declared the property safe to enter, Montgomery Remodeling and Restoration, along with the family’s insurance company, began the process to put this family back in their home. Five months later and our brave family is home once again.


Take a look at the process of taking a half burned down building and making it a home again.






Exterior | Before + After


While the fire originated in the garage, a large portion of the house had to be re-sided and completely restored. The entire home was repainted as well.










Garage | Before + After


The garage was completely demolished and then rebuilt. We also had the entire driveway redone since the cars caught on fire and melted on the concrete.










Entry | Before + After


While the fire tore through the garage, the smoke is what caused a majority of damage in the house. Black smoke and soot covered the entire interior of the home, leading us to completely demolish all sheet rock and repaint the house.






(Shown above – the first picture is before the fire and the second is the fully restored entryway)






Living Room | Before + After


The living room is located on the opposite side of the house. However, due to smoke damage, we had to tear out all of the flooring, sheet rock and insulation before replacing them and repainting. (A photo from before the fire is shown first, progress photos below).












Kitchen | Before + After


The smoke badly damaged everything in the kitchen and laundry room. We replaced all the cabinets, counters, floors, lighting and appliances to give this family a fresh start.







Kitchen nook







Guest Bath | Before + After


The guest bathroom in the upstairs hall was badly damaged by smoke. We ended up replacing the cabinets, counters, and since the owners work for a tile company, they re-tiled the shower.







Bedrooms | Before + After


The three bedrooms plus the master were all damaged by smoke. Miraculously, the children’s bedroom downstairs next to the garage was the least affected. However, all four rooms still had to be demoed, re-insulated, sheet rocked and painted. The entire upstairs was also re-carpeted since the smoke left a nasty smell behind.









Upstairs Hallway | Before + After


The upstairs hallway opens to the entryway, and apart from the garage burning down, this was perhaps the most damaged area of the house. Black smoke stained the ceiling and walls, leaving nothing salvageable. Everything had to be ripped out and replaced. What could be washed and cleaned was repainted.







Master Bedroom | Before + After


The master bedroom is located just above and over from the garage, meaning that when the flames went up, they tore through the wall behind the bed. The window cracked and just about everything in this room had to be demolished and rebuilt.







Closet | Before + After


The closet wall, like the master bedroom wall, was destroyed by the fire. Again, we demoed everything in the space and completed rebuilt the closet.







Master Bathroom | Before + After


Being connected to the master bedroom, the master bathroom was also damaged, but mostly by the smoke. We still demoed all the walls, cabinets, counters and flooring to make way for new selections. As mentioned before, the owners of this house both work for a local tile and stone company and so they were able to make beautiful selections for their counter top, flooring and shower.







This project was perhaps one of our largest restorations to date, apart from the Drewsey School Gym restoration we completed last year. This fire caused over $150,000 in structural damage and that doesn’t even account for all the contents and items the family lost. We are very honored to have been able to put this wonderful family back in their home and work along side them to rebuild their house. We want to thank all the sub-contractors that helped to rebuild as well. We are happy to say the family is home and can now move past this hardship and continue with their lives. |



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  • Great job, Mike. Your people do a great job for you. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. – Michael Preedin

    May 11, 2018 at 3:57 pm

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