Understanding the Important Elements of a Contractor’s Agreement.

Entering into an agreement with a contractor for a remodel, new build, or home addition can be daunting and confusing if you’ve never worked with a builder before. But it’s an important way to ensure that all parties are treated fairly and the work is done properly.  Here are some of the most important elements of a Contractor’s Agreement, and what we do for our clients to ensure their satisfaction with every project we take on.

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Budget.  This is, for most, the most important element of the contract.  For some clients, the budget can be somewhat flexible, but if you’re on a fixed and rigid budget, make sure that the original scope of work and products are well within your budget. Having some flexibility if something unexpected occurs during the build or remodel can be important.  The ability to “upgrade” during the build is always a nice surprise for clients, if they go into the project with a little bit of flexibility in the budget.

Scope of work.  This section should clearly explain what goods and services are deliverable by the contractor, and can sometimes include details about what is excluded as well.  It’s important for the builder and the client to agree on these elements so that there are no misunderstandings during the remodeling or building process.  If a client chooses upgrades later on, that is entirely possible, but the scope of work should lay out the minimum expectations.

Project Schedule.  While there can be delays in supply chain, labor (weather), or permitting and inspection schedules, a general timeline should be established up front so that the client has a reasonable expectation of the duration of the project.  When delays do occur, an explanation for the delay is provided to the client and if any adjustments to the timeline are necessary they need to be communicated. Maintaining communication and managing expectations until the completion of the project is very important.  There should be open communication throughout the project, and understanding on the part of all parties.

When you’re considering a remodeling project, an addition, or a new build, it’s important to work with a local, trusted, insured, and experienced contractor so that you are treated fairly and get the quality that you deserve.  The pros here at Montgomery Builders will work hard to make sure that your expectations are met, and you’re satisfied with the final result.  Contact us today.

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